Holograms: How to create a magical and unforgettable event in 8 simple steps

It’s no longer a fantasy! You can now use holographic technology to increase the impact of your next meeting. This affordable technology is sure to leave a long-lasting memory with your participants!  


Othentika was approached by a pharmaceutical company that wished to promote a new and exciting product launch in their upcoming year. To create the hype this product deserved, they wanted something bold and modern to capture the participants’ attention. What better way than to use a new technology that’s no longer the exclusive reserve of Star Trek and Disney fans alone! 

After spending time online and discovering that Madonna had used this technology in her Grammy Awards performance, we figured it might be out of reach for corporate use… 

We found that the company that had brought the Gorillaz to life happened to have a Montreal distributor. We then proceeded to make the magic that would leave the participants both surprised and breathless. 

Here are a few logistical tips to help you achieve the results you desire with this thrilling technology.

  1. Pick your location wisely. Ideal seating is critical in order to feel the holographic/3D experience.  A rectangular room will work very well because the audience needs to be placed facing the centre of the screen. 
  2. The room needs to be larger than in a standard presentation to accommodate the big staging area.* The hologram effect is created in a “box” (a little like a puppet show) so you need much more space. The screen is then placed at a 45-degree angle, so stage size will depend on screen size.  *You may also want to add a stage in front of the screen in case you want to be up close with your group at some point. This stage will also provide you with the right distance from the first seats. See floor plan below.
  3. The screen can be larger or smaller, depending on the number of participants you have. Keep in mind that this is a big investment since it’s usually for one-time use only. The screen will be stretched to an optimal level onsite. 
  4. Ceilings need to be high, but not excessively so. The whole point is to have an intimate setting while making sure the screen is not reflected on the ceiling and  no light is seen on a very high ceiling. 
  5. Start planning early. Not only will it be essential for the client to define their strategy and their core messages, but they’ll also need to decide what they want to show in the hologram. The options are either a filmed person or object (quality and specs must be perfect to give the right effect) and/or 3D modeling and animation (which takes time to produce!). 
  6. Set up onsite at least 48 hours beforehand. Keep in mind that you’ll need to bring along technical staff specialized in the technology, so you must make sure the venue will allow this. 
  7. The 24 hours prior to the event will be reserved for light and projection tests as well as rehearsals.
  8. The Big Day … MAGIC!!!

This technology is relatively cheap to use compared to the WOW effect it provides, even after adding in all the extra costs related to the production of content and A/V equipment.  Given the many variables involved in using this or any new technology, we highly recommend using the services of professionals that have the know-how to ensure onsite success. 

For more information or to share your impressions about this technology, please feel free to contact us!  

À propos d’Othentika : Othentika est une agence événementielle et DMC de Montréal qui organise des événements et voyages corporatifs sur mesure pour les grandes organisations afin de mobiliser et reconnaitre leurs employés. Ces événements prennent plusieurs formes telles que : voyage de mobilisation,  réunion annuelle, NSM, congrès, lancement de produit, gala de reconnaissance, concours de vente, programme de mobilisation, national et international, consolidation d’équipe (team building) etc, et ce, en formules clés en main ou à la carte. www.othentika.com, 514-524-0000, @othentika, LinkedIn :http://m1p.fr/ry3

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