The foundations of an efficient mobilization program!

The effectiveness of a program lies primarily in identifying the corporate objectives to be achieved. It’s important to analyze the situation clearly and precisely in order to create a program that’s fully aligned with corporate goals.


To this end, there are different steps to follow, which will allow, over time, both the implementation of a program that meets specific goals as well as its seamless integration within a strategic framework for the company.

To establish total consistency in the program’s design as well as its various expressions, the first step to take is an interview with management. Following that, it will be important to highlight clearly and precisely:

  • The context;
  • The corporate culture and values;
  • The company’s strategy in the years to come;
  • The company’s competitive advantages;
  • Its challenges, objectives, and expectations;
  • The ROI
  • The people involved in the program;
  • The initiatives already undertaken and on-going;
  • The different communication tools in place and their integration;
  • The system for setting and monitoring objectives;
  • The various constraints: technical, time, and resources;
  • The management of change among participants;
  • The demographic profile of the target (interests, culture, personality, hierarchy, competitiveness);
  • The follow-up with participants.

At Othentika, we believe that a full understanding between us and the client is essential to implementing a comprehensive program that, following a thorough analysis of the information collected, meets their expectations: this understanding optimizes resources (time and budget) to obtain an optimal return on investment through the program.

In other words, the design and implementation of the program requires an expertise integrated within the incentive program proper, whether it’s:

  • A consultative approach that identifies the strategic needs and ensures both compliance with the vision for the entire program and evaluation of the return on investment.
  • Knowledge and mastery of the design and coordination of the four components essential to the development of a program: training, promotion, measurement, and reward, which will be the subjects of the next post!

What do you think of the importance of such a client-agency relationship? Feel free to comment and share your opinion!

À propos d’Othentika : Othentika est une agence événementielle et DMC de Montréal qui organise des événements et voyages corporatifs sur mesure pour les grandes organisations afin de mobiliser et reconnaitre leurs employés. Ces événements prennent plusieurs formes telles que : voyage de mobilisation,  réunion annuelle, NSM, congrès, lancement de produit, gala de reconnaissance, concours de vente, programme de mobilisation, national et international, consolidation d’équipe (team building) etc, et ce, en formules clés en main ou à la carte., 514-524-0000, @othentika, LinkedIn :

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