Unusual hotels for your recognition travel – 1st edition

What would you say to inviting your participants to sleep on the Queen Mary in the U.S.,  in arenas in Mexico, in a cave hotel in Turkey, or in a converted jail in the UK?



Discovering a new destination can be even more fun when you count on a completely atypical hotel for recognition travel.

On a ship: Queen Mary (Long Beach, USA)


Since it was retired, the Queen Mary has become a comfortable hotel docked in the port of Long Beach. Experience a stay in an all-wood ship’s cabin! Portholes, nautical charts—you could awaken your inner sea cadet. Each of the 315 rooms is unique and includes all the necessary modern amenities like flat screens or an iPod-based wake-up system.


In the arenas: Quinta Real Zacatecas (Zacatecas, Mexico)


Olé! Used until 1975 for bullfighting, the arenas of San Pedro were transformed into a charming hotel in the late 80s. A successful gamble, this renovation at its opening earned the International Architecture Award! At the hotel’s doorstep, the historic town center of Zacatecas was classified a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1993. And in the evening, the two patios of the Quinta are a truly peaceful and refreshing haven for relaxation.


Cave hotel: Cappadocia Cave Suites (Goreme, Turkey)


The hidden life is the happy life? Nestled in the heart of Göreme National Park, the Cappadocia Cave Suites Hotel is built into the rock, in keeping with cave-dweller architectural tradition. The region never ceases to amaze you: since 1985, it’s been ranked by UNESCO for its cave sanctuaries, churches, and Byzantine convents.


In prison: Oxford Mal (Oxford, UK)


You’re under arrest! Voluntarily spend a night in prison: this is what the hotel Oxford Mal offers. The old prison has 95 rooms where you’ll feel perfectly at ease: the warm and cozy décor of the place quickly lets you forget the building’s past. In the lobby, the galleries leading to the cells, lit by clerestories, are still visible, creating a bright, well-designed  space. The hotel is ideally located, allowing easy exploration of the historic city.

A memorable experience that will win the hearts of your participants!


À propos d’Othentika : Othentika est une agence événementielle et DMC de Montréal qui organise des événements et voyages corporatifs sur mesure pour les grandes organisations afin de mobiliser et reconnaitre leurs employés. Ces événements prennent plusieurs formes telles que : voyage de mobilisation,  réunion annuelle, NSM, congrès, lancement de produit, gala de reconnaissance, concours de vente, programme de mobilisation, national et international, consolidation d’équipe (team building) etc, et ce, en formules clés en main ou à la carte. www.othentika.com, 514-524-0000, @othentika, LinkedIn :http://m1p.fr/ry3

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