And if time were a luxury

Lux Resort

Welcome to the world of the LUX Resorts.

Over the last decade, we found that travel trends evolved, so here is a quick summary. 

Travel first became democratized when travel agencies offered all-inclusive packages to make life easier for the non-adventurous.

Then ecotourism emerged; returning to one’s roots became fashionable and a need to travel ecologically was born. We can now buy our CO2, book green hotels and use local transport the most we can. A nature-friendly trip will depend on how big hotel chains exploit this trend.

Then socially-responsible tourism came along, and we began to focus on activities to help others: paint a hospital or build a school, be useful or even participate in another country’s development. In addition, war tourism also emerged to prove to ourselves that we are still alive, esoteric tourism to find our inner peace, tourism in a lost paradise where your smartphone is  confiscated because you’re addicted to it and your wife can’t stand it anymore. In short, there’s something for everyone …

Today, the new trend is about taking your time. And we love it! Our society compels us to stay on the run, and a new range of hotels has sprung up to meet the demand for a more relaxed state.

The LUX* Group does not try to impress you with unnecessary options, pretentious wine lists and an overly complicated cuisine. Instead, it offers a simpler and more relaxed experience. Think of LUX* as a place where every moment counts.

Their philosophy is to have us leave behind all unnecessary burdens, and imagine a whole new concept. They’ve named it “Island Light.” By making the ordinary extraordinary, LUX* wishes above all to enchant you by offering you the simple pleasures of island life. It feels good to live here, and the overriding objective is to savour every minute.

Have a pleasant outing, and above all, take your time! 

À propos d’Othentika : Othentika est une agence événementielle et DMC de Montréal qui organise des événements et voyages corporatifs sur mesure pour les grandes organisations afin de mobiliser et reconnaitre leurs employés. Ces événements prennent plusieurs formes telles que : voyage de mobilisation,  réunion annuelle, NSM, congrès, lancement de produit, gala de reconnaissance, concours de vente, programme de mobilisation, national et international, consolidation d’équipe (team building) etc, et ce, en formules clés en main ou à la carte., 514-524-0000, @othentika, LinkedIn :

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