Exceed your sales goals in the efficient way

Today, economic pressures, market uncertainty and ever higher financial objectives demand that we do more with the same resources, if not less.

The recognition and mobilization of workers, often poorly or rarely done, represents one of the most effective and profitable drivers for exceeding business objectives.

As several studies show, having a mobilized and motivated team is essential to obtaining good results throughout the year.

  • Firms with low levels of engagement saw a 32.7%  drop in revenue over a period of 12 months (source: Towers Watson). 
  • According to a study by Workforce Mood Tracker, 69% of employees would work more if they were better recognized. 
  • In addition, according to Dr. Jean-Pierre Brun, professor at Laval Institute, “A lack of recognition is the second-leading  cause of stress and burnout at work.” 

The challenge, therefore, is knowing how to implement and sustain over time the initiatives that optimize the commitment and recognition of employees within the company, so they can meet these constantly renewed objectives.

The implementation of a mobilization and recognition program aims to be the integration of several concrete and coordinated initiatives to support and exceed the strategic objectives of the company.

These objectives are attained by stimulating and maintaining the mobilization of the target audience, namely, one’s employees, sales force, distribution network, members, franchisees or others. A well-designed program is self-financing since the benefits generated by the program are greater than its cost of implementation, as early as the first year. In other words, a mobilization and recognition program will be as beneficial for your key resources as for your business throughout the year!

So we are planning a series of blog posts about what you should know, with tips and practical advice to help your future mobilization and recognition programs perform well, including topics such as:

  • A motivating and engaging experience: incentive travel. 
  • What are the four components of a program? 
  • The items to be covered for a full diagnosis of the situation. 
  • What are the “must-haves” when designing a program? 
  • How do you create an effective launch? 
  • How do you sustain the program throughout the year? 
  • How do you measure your business’ ROI? 
  • And much more!

For all those who wish to achieve corporate goals without compromising their well-being, these posts are not to be missed!

À propos d’Othentika : Othentika est une agence événementielle et DMC de Montréal qui organise des événements et voyages corporatifs sur mesure pour les grandes organisations afin de mobiliser et reconnaitre leurs employés. Ces événements prennent plusieurs formes telles que : voyage de mobilisation,  réunion annuelle, NSM, congrès, lancement de produit, gala de reconnaissance, concours de vente, programme de mobilisation, national et international, consolidation d’équipe (team building) etc, et ce, en formules clés en main ou à la carte. www.othentika.com, 514-524-0000, @othentika, LinkedIn :http://m1p.fr/ry3

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